"As a leader in our community, I have been given countless opportunities to evaluate the needs of our city both through my work on council as well as on the various boards and nonprofits for which I volunteer. I also make a point to be easily accessible for our citizens so that I can keep in touch and learn about the issues that matter the most to them!"
Improve Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a crucial part in the success of a city. With the rising population of growth, we must improve our infrastructure such as our roads, water system and drainage system. Since taking office in April 2018 I have kept my promise and made sure we fix the “simple things”. Since April Approximately 500 potholes have been filled, countless of overlays, and maintained, regraded, added thousands of FT of ditches. Also, we have insured and made it a priority that we fix our water lines. Again, we have replaced and continue to replace countless of ft of water lines. Improving our infrastructure allows the city of Alvin to be more productive by enhancing economic growth, jobs, access to our city and it enables our local business to grow. All while improving the quality of life for the citizens of Alvin.


Alvin is a beautiful city but there is always room for improvement. It is my goal as a member of both Keep Alvin Beautiful and city council to work collectively to improve the cosmetics of our great city. We must encourage and promote community pride. We must spread the word of impactful events such as our city-wide cleanups we have in the fall and spring where people can drop off all types of waste. Keep Alvin Beautiful will take care of the rest. We must also clarify some of our ordinances so we can ensure that our business community and residential developers are up-to-date on what our community expects of them. People see our gorgeous town and they'll stop by Froberg's Farm, Stanton's, Corey's Kitchen, or Gordon Street Tavern so they can enjoy our environment and meet some friendly Alvinites. Let's work together to put our best foot forward so residents and neighbors alike are encouraged to visit, dine, play, shop, and live in Alvin.

Managed Growth

With the successful economic growth of Texas, we have more jobs in Texas than we have people to fill them. Families are moving into our great state from across the nation to have a better life for themselves and live the "Texan Dream". With that being said, Alvin is growing. Growth is a good thing but it could easily become unmanageable. It is our job as a city council to guide our city staff to assure that the growth in Alvin is manageable, safe, cost-effective, and attractive. The growth that is brought in, whether it be residential or commercial, should promote a higher quality of life for our residents. We need to add roads to relieve traffic; add sidewalks to improve safe pedestrian mobility; and improve drainage when and where possible. 

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